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My name is Marika Berman and I've been helping my clients to improve the quality of their lives through energetic shifts since 2009. I work as a holistic health practitioner from my office in San Jose, CA. I primarily use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting.  

Some of my sessions are also done over Skype and phone worldwide. I offer my services as an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting certified practitioner, holistic health educator, and a ULC ordained minister. Please note that I am not a licensed health care provider or mental health professional.

I received a B.S. degree with double major in the fields of Mathematics and Biology at the University of South Bohemia
in the Czech Republic, acquiring a teaching credential for the middle school and high school levels. I further pursued my interest in energy and natural healing by studying and practicing the following wellness-promoting disciplines:

  • Matrix Reimprinting, Certified Practitioner. Santa Rosa, California.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT-INT Certified Practitioner. Santa Rosa, California
  • Reiki, level 1. San Jose, California,
  • Controlled Inner Cleansing according to Dr. Jonas (detoxification). 1st and 2nd Level Training in the Use of Salvia Apparatus (galvanic skin response measurement device). Economy Class Company, Prague, Czech Republic,
  • Acute Homeotherapeutics. Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Aromas, California,
  • Bradley Method natural child birth training for expectant parents. San Jose, California,
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology. 100 hours. Just for Your Health College of Massage, San Jose, California,
  • Sport and Fitness Massage certificate. 150 hours. Refit Training Center, Prague, Czech Republic.

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Marika's "Wellness and EFT" Blog reflects her hobbies/interests:

Healing, energy work, projects with children, nature, gardening - permaculture, swimming, hiking, volleyball, ice skating, cross-country skiing, sauna, natural family living, bird watching...She is also an enthusiastic advocate of organic raw diet, natural and home birth, vaccine awareness, yoga, community awareness, and other approaches supporting the wholeness, health and freedom of individuals and the Earth. 

My interest in natural healing had sprung from my own ill health during childhood and adolescence. I began my search for alternative healing methods early after receiving a statement of „incurable disease“ from an MD specialist in allergic asthma. After almost 20 years, my asthma, as well as all other problems, have disappeared within approximately one year since the beginning of detoxification (CIC), and starting a healthier life style, mainly a better diet and yoga. My life further flourished after I started using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to support my emotional well being. Now I feel like anything is possible! I love to share these advanced methods with my clients, and watch their lives being transformed.

I am thankful to my family and friends for encouraging me on my path to become a healing practitioner, for inspiring me, and teaching me a lot about myself and personal relationships. My deep thanks to my teachers, and all of you who touched my life. You each are helping to create the path I am walking on. May your own path be fruitful!


"When you meet someone, remember that it is a holy meeting.

How you see them, you see yourself.

How you are going to treat them, you are going to treat yourself.

How you are going to think of them, you are going to think of yourself.

Never forget this because in them you will find yourself, or loose yourself.”

[Unknown Author]


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