Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting with Marika:

Breaking Blocks to Success (Dr. David Camhi)
Thank you Marika. The session was incredible and very impactful. Imagine having this desire to help others heal, and yet it brought up such deep sadness. I love tools / methods that work and transform, and it so wonderful to experience your masterful facilitation of Matrix. Many blessings, David.

Anxiety/Agoraphobia (Connie M.)
Marika Berman is a jewel! She's a remarkable therapist (even though I realize she's not a "therapist" yet). She is so insightful, caring & astute.

Life Transitions (Debi, San Mateo)
Thank you again for all your skill and talents. I feel this is the only thing that has made the most impact in the shortest amount of time for me. And I know it is your style of doing it along with the matrix re-imprinting that has made a big difference for me. I can't thank you enough.

Childhood Abuse + Current Relationships Issues (Debi R.)
Marika, I just have to tell you how grateful I am for the work you are helping me do. I felt so relieved today when I left. I feel like burdens are being lifted from my heart and body and mind. I think you have a talent for this and I want to tell you thank you.

“Miraculous" Breakthrough (Ron, during EFT circle) 
AMAZING! I got to see what most would call a "miraculous" breakthrough (which would typically take thousands of $ of typical "therapy")!
I felt uniquely able to OPEN to my DEEP trauma with Marika.

Anxiety, Exercising, Eating Habits (Pamela)
It was an amazing workshop. What sounded unbelievable when I first read the description and didn't know what to make of it. In one sitting on a scale of 1-10 my anxiety dropped from 9 to 5. It has been 4 days now and I've felt calmness from within. My eating has been healthier and getting better sleeps. This has even helped me get back into exercising with enjoyment instead of feeling like a monumental task of going to the Gym. I plan to continue with this new concept in my life

Negative Self Image - Failure (J.L.)
The night after our session was the BEST night sleep that I've had in about 2 months. I am so happy to have the wonderful memories that my father and I now share. It is nice for me to now be able to talk with him and now he really listens:-)) Simply put my Matrix Reimprinting experience was Amazing. I am enjoying the permanent results. Thank you.

Letter of Appreciation and Recommendation
(E.S.S. - Northern California)
If you have found Marika Berman to be your EFT and Matrix Reimprinting consultant, consider yourself both blessed and lucky!

I turned to Marika to help me clear a number of stumbling blocks that I found were still running in my life. These blocks were diverse and complex. They ranged from issues rising from the birth of my son, to financial blocks and to the things that are holding me back from being as successful as I know I can be.

With each issue, Marika patiently and ever so gently led me to the point in my past where the most healing could take place. She then guided me through the Matrix Reimprinting process in so thorough a manner that it is now actually hard for me to remember any of the intense feelings I had experienced around these “problems” in the first place.

Marika has a unique ability to be completely engaged with a client. I always felt (even though our sessions were over the telephone and we did not see each other), that she was giving me 100% percent of her attention and focus. And because she was so engaged in the process, Marika was able to ask me important questions and make insightful suggestions that made the healing possible. Her intuitive ability to “feel” along with me is quite astounding.

In other words, in the healing journey that is Matrix Reimprinting, Marika is a guide of uncommon resourcefulness and loving kindness. I always feel so secure in Marika’s hands. No matter what surprising thing has popped up during our sessions—and in each session I have been totally surprised by what I have found—Marika is there, completely present with me as a grounded voice, helping me navigate the wilds of my past and helping me change the scenes of my life from pain to joy, from lack to abundance, from dark to light.

And to give one example of the long term effects of working with Matrix Reimprinting with Marika, my relationship with my young adult son has been significantly transformed for the better since our session on the events surrounding his birth. And, not only is our relationship better, my son seems to have matured overnight since the session. This is an amazing and unexpected side effect of working on an issue that I thought was just about me and my reactions. Marika asked me questions, gave me suggestions during the session all of which allowed details to arise that had a profound effect on the session’s outcome. The result was a session where the ripples of healing traveled far and wide.

Since I have begun this Matrix Reimprinting journey with Marika, my life is significantly more peaceful, my creativity is expressing itself effortlessly and even my finances are improving! In the most recent session I had with Marika, I told her that I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I found her to work with. Even writing these words makes my tears of appreciation start to flow.
Thank you Marika!
E.S.S.--Northern California

Desire to Smoke (Pepa)
Marika, thanks for showing me how to loose my desire for a cigarette. I used it (EFT) several times during the flight, and it worked perfectly.

Deep Emotional Issues (Ellen)
I got way more than I expected from this session with Marika. It was my first time attending, and I almost didn't make it because I couldn't find her - the address is hard to see. But I'm so glad we connected. She worked with me very intensely on some deep issues, helping me release a lot of stuff.  I was wiped out the next day, went to bed very early and slept ten hours. Whew! What an amazing session!

Stress (Iven)
Since I work as customer service, I do have stress from clients, boss, co-workers, and even family members at home. For the past few years, I've been joining many seminars, classes to learn how to deal with stress, and doing some exercise for releasing stress. They do help!
Now that I'm so glad I've recently learned EFT, because with the very simple steps, I can help myself very quickly like having a shot, I could heal from a pain, or deal with the stress just in a few minutes, simple and fast, it's really amazing! Thank you Marika and the EFT!

Tapping Circle Reference (Barbara)
Hi Marika,
I loved the taping session. I certainly felt a lot more calm when I left than when I arrived. You are doing a wonderful job leading others to their own healing. You are very relaxed and joyful, intuitive and connected to spirit.
Thank you.

Releasing Old Pain and Anger (Claire, Tapping Circle)
Dear Marika,
Thank you for doing this. You are a truly gifted healer and I feel fortunate to get to work with you, before you become too famous! This has been a huge part of my new path and releasing the old pain and anger.

Middle Back Pain (Tapping circle; Carrole Phillips, Multi-modality practitioner and Hypnotherapist)
You really are awesome and a good channeler... and having fun with it helps so much...
The Shift I experienced was having all the pain leave. my middle back..... so I will keep tapping to make sure the change is permanent...

Fear of Water (Eleanor)
…I’d like to let you, you know my fear of water is really gone. I snorkeled with ease while in Tahiti & even started to learn swimming from my son. He said if I only practiced a little longer then I'll be able to swim for sure. Can't tell you how happy I am!!!

Addiction to Sweets/Overeating (S.)
Marika, I just finished my lunch, and I don't have any craving for sweets, or anything else... :-) :-) :-)
Thank you!!!!!! It helped me a lot.

Migraine headache (child T.)
Thank you so much for your time working with us yesterday. I definitely saw an improvement. After the phone time he was hungry, and though he said he still had a little headache, he didn't seem to be bothered by it. He went to the pinewood derby today and has been feeling fine.

Have you had a session with me and would like to leave your testimonial for others?
Please email it to me. Thank you ~ Marika


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