Pregnancy and EFT

EFT can be useful to practically anyone, however it gains a special importance during a woman's pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Pregnant women in today's culture face many fears and worries. Some of them are natural and are resolved on their own as women explore their birthing options, and educate themselves. However, some may be irrational, overwhelming or even destructive, perhaps based on past emotional or physical traumas. High stress levels (adrenaline levels) in the mother have, according to studies, physiologically adverse effects on birth, making it longer, as well as adversely affecting the fetal heart rate (indication of fetal distress). Common sense tells us that the more relaxed the mother is during pregnancy and birth, the better for both her and her baby.

EFT presents a wonderful new way to deal with birth-associated stress and fears, not only for mothers (and their unborn babies), but also for their partners, who naturally experience higher levels of stress as well, dealing with quite a different set of anxieties of their own. EFT allows them to relax, which can lead to improved relationships, better decisions, reduced discomfort and just over all happier pregnancy and postpartum.

In my classes and workshops, I focus on hands on work; tapping away as many pregnancy and birth related fears, anxieties and other negative emotions as possible, and providing instructions for independent EFT work that mothers and fathers can do at home. Pregnancy tapping circles are a wonderful way to identify your own fears, decrease their intensity or eliminate them all together. EFT also helps affirm the visualizations of your ideal birth, and connects you to others within the supportive tapping group.

The physiological results of even one EFT session can be far-reaching, and should not be underestimated, esp. considering how easy and safe EFT is. Among the benefits most appreciated by mothers-to-be are relief from anxieties, fears, depression, and other emotional issues, insomnia, allergies, discomfort/pain (esp. neck and back pain), and food cravings. There are many studies and thousands of testimonials available for further study on the following website:

In addition to individual EFT sessions, I offer the following pregnancy-related group events:

15 – 20 min. Presentation - EFT for Healthy Pregnancy and Birth - Free:

  • What is EFT and how it works
  • Who can benefit from EFT and why
  • The most common pregnancy and birth fears

2.5 hour Group Workshop - EFT for Healthy Pregnancy and Birth - $ 40/person ($60 for a couple):

  • Introduction to EFT
  • The Basic Instructions
  • Addressing the most common fears and anxieties
  • Emotional traumas
  • How to continue with EFT on your own

1.5 – 2 hours Weekly Tapping Circle - EFT for Healthy Pregnancy and Birth - $20/session or $80/5 sessions:

  • Introduction to EFT and the basic Instructions
  • Promotes relaxation on regular basis
  • Address specific fears and anxieties in more depth
  • Individual attention within the circle as time allows
  • Tips and ideas on how to continue tapping on your own

Please call/email Marika for current availability:


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