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Panic about Earthquakes – Help Your Child Prepare!

Are your children prepared for an earthquake? Yes, you taught them what to do; they’ll be safe. But are they ready emotionally? Do they have a tool to use if they are scared, separated from you, perhaps when the shaking and noise wake them up in the middle of the night?

This article was inspired by my son’s fear of earthquakes, and our short EFT and Matrix Reimprinting session which dissolved it. Adults will benefit from it as well, as EFT is a great Energy Psychology tool to use in/for any stressful situation!

When my son Paul (12) called for me at 10 pm, an hour after his bedtime, I knew something was wrong. He told me he was all nervous and tense, and could not fall asleep. I offered a massage, but as soon as I touched his back, he sharply sat up in bed, shaking, and not breathing. When he caught his breath, he broke into crying, and told me he was very afraid there’d be an earthquake.


I knew he was a little afraid of it ever since he experienced a small shaking about 5 years ago, which scared him. Yesterday, he spent some time on an earthquake simulating platform at The Tech Museum, all excited about it! I felt there was fear behind that enthusiasm though, but he never wanted to address it with EFT, although he used Tapping successfully for other anxieties and pains on occasions.

            This time he was happy that I offered to take him to the family room and do EFT, as his fear obviously shot to SUD 10 on a scale 0-10.

He quickly relaxed during the first two rounds of tapping, using statement:

  “Even though I have this fear of earthquake I am a great kid, and I am safe now.”

Reiminder phrases: “this fear” and later “this remaining fear”


            He was still afraid though, reporting intensity of about 5, so I suggested we do Matrix Reimprinting using EFT on the last time he experienced the “scary earthquake”. He agreed, and closed his eyes, as I started tapping on his finger points.


            In Matrix Reimprinting, we use EFT on the younger versions of ourselves, tapping on them in our minds, and helping them out with various resources, while the client is being physically tapped on by a practitioner.


Paul saw himself again, as a 7 year old, sitting on a bed with his younger brother and Daddy, who was reading them a book. It was before the earthquake started. He tapped on his younger version, aka Echo, in his mind, preparing him for what’s going to come, telling him he’ll be all right. He decided to give him a protective shield, like a bubble around him. He also gave one to his brother. Then the earthquake started. He saw his echo was feeling better, but still scared by the noise of the rattling window, and by his Dad trying to quickly move them away from the glass panes. Paul further improved the scene by making the protective shield around his Echo sound-proof, and then I did some tapping on Dad to calm him down, as his fear was affecting Paul’s Echo as well. I was tapping on Paul’s finger points while he and I were working in the Matrix on this scene.

Next, when we checked how Paul’s Echo felt, Paul reported he was just sitting on the bed, smiling, and chilling, while the earthquake was going on. At that point, real Paul started suddenly giggling, and laughing, and said there was something very humorous about that scene. His laughing was contagious, felt like a release, and I knew we were done J

            There was nothing else he wished for his Echo, so we reimprinted the scene with Echo-Paul “chilling” during the earthquake by bringing it into his mind, body, and Heart, and sending it into the Field.

            When Paul opened his eyes, he was happy and relaxed. When I asked how much he’s afraid of an earthquake now, he answered with a smile: “I am not; not at all, actually!” It took 20 minutes, and the results are lasting!


I wish for everyone with a PAST traumatic earthquake experience to simply release it using EFT and/or Matrix Reimiprinting. Here are some example phrases you may use for your tapping, but please tailor them to your specific experience, tapping on all aspects, and using your own words:


“Even though it was a shock when everything started shaking, I am OK now.” Reminder “this shock”

“Even though my heart was racing, I am safe now and I choose to feel  peace.” Reminder phrase: “my heart racing”

“Even though I had fear, I deeply and completely accept myself, and I am safe now.” Reminder phrase “this fear”

“Even though I was knocked off my feet, and fell, as the ground was rolling, I am safe and steady now.” Reminder phrase “I felll down, the ground rolling”

“Even though I heard this noise, creaking/rattling dishes/ people screaming, I love and accept myself, and I am OK now.” Reminder phrase “this noise, screaming,..”

“Even though I was trapped, and could not get out, I am safe now.” Reminder phrase: “being trapped/fear of being trapped”

“Even though I had anxiety over my children/partner/parents whether they were OK, I still deeply and completely accept and love myself, and I choose to let it go now.” Reminder phrase “this anxiety for …”

 “Even though I was scared what was coming next: is it going to escalate? Is there going to be more shaking? I am OK now.” Reminder phrase: “scared what’s coming next, is there more coming?”


As for FUTURE earthquakes, why don’t you give your children what helps them the most? Teach them to tap on themselves when they are scared!

Yes, they should assume a safe position, get to a safe place, … and start tapping on their points. No talking needed, just tapping…

They will get out of the flight/freeze response with a snap, and will be the first ones feeling all right again after a major quake.

And you will be able to think better, too, after all, without that adrenaline rush!


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Submitted to Energy Psychology Press for publishing in Newsletter on 4/10/2014