Please note: 

The EFT circles are discontinued.

The EFT Circle 7/7/2018 has been canceled as it didn't meet the minimum number of signups (3). 
The next Monthly EFT Circle is held on Saturday, 8/4/2018 at Morning Crane Healing Arts Center, 2-4 pm! 
Geared toward beginners the first hour, for all levels the second half. Advanced tappers feel free to come at 2:55 pm. All are welcome!
You can RSVP from the Home page for me to hold your spot, or just show up. Space limited to 10-12 participants.
Looking forward to our tapping!

March 4, 2017
EFT / Tapping Circles Are Back!
After a 2-year break, we're re-starting the monthly EFT Circles, a gathering of people interested to learn about EFT, try it, and apply it to their lives. 
All are welcome!
TODAY! (2/27/2017)
Yes, the 9th Annual Tapping World Summit, a huge on-line EFT event, starts on 2/27/2017!
Before the event, you have access to pre-event videos. After that, every night for 10 days, you'll have 2 new videos to watch and tap along with available for 24 hours.


With greatest pleasure I'm announcing 
to be back in my cozy office at Morning Crane Healing Arts Center, 
after a 3-month break of phone/Skype sessions only. 
Missed that place with the wonderful people a lot! 
Looking forward to seeing you there! 


(February 2012 - March 2015)

9/10/2014, 1 pm - 2 pm: EFT Presentation for VA Palo Alto, CA, Polytrauma department, as a part of CAM Educational Series. Focus on traumatic brain injury, stress reduction, and pain management. 

6/28, 7/26, 8/9, 2014, 11 am - 1 pm: EFT circles in Lupin's NuDome, at Lupin Lodge, 20600 Aldercroft Heigths Rd., Los Gatos, CA 95033.

6/17/2014, 12 pm - 1 pm: EFT Presentation for VA Palo Alto, CA. Prostate cancer support group. Focus: healing of trauma, pain management. 

4/11/2013, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm - Intro to EFT
 2-hour hands-on class at Morning Crane Healing Arts Center , 
1314 Lincoln Ave., San Jose

3/23/2013 - Willow Glen Health and Fitness Expo

at Morning Crane Healing Arts Center! EFT presentation is scheduled for 2:40 PM.

A series of three EFT WORKSHOPS: 

February 28, 2013; 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm: 
Overcoming Aversion to Exercise
Learn how to coax yourself into exercising regularly and joyfully using EFT/tapping. 

March 13, 2013; 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm: Lose Your Cravings! 
Learn how to overcome food cravings and addictions using EFT.

March 24, 2013; 10:00 am - 11:30 am: Never Well Since...
Release your body’s emotional trauma and support its physical healing where everything else had failed.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping is a fast spreading self-help and coaching technique known for its ability to rapidly release stress, negative emotions, and pain through re-conditioning of the brain. During these workshops, we will work on uncovering the underlying causes behind our issue, and discover how and why our subconscious mind keeps us stuck despite our best positive thinking. Then we will learn the basics of EFT, and apply it during an hour long tapping. You may laugh, you may cry, you may feel too shy to share your deep emotions. All is fine, and you will discover what a wonderful tool EFT is to make you feel better. The goal is for you to get as much transformation as possible in the hour and half, and to gain a precious tool to use whenever needed. To sign up please contact Morning Crane Healing Arts and Fitness Center: (408)391-2846


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